Link Assistant Special Offer

December 24, 2010


SEO PowerSuite launches Big Heart WWW Cruise Big Heart is travelling from webpage to webpage and lets anyone get a 60% discount on state-of-the art Super Awesome software. This is the best chance to get the world-standard SEO software at a special Christmas price — and help your business enter a prosperous New Year. Check […]

When subtle sexual messages fail?

February 14, 2010


Done! You’d have thought someone at apple would have caught this in quality control? no?

Flash Flood Fishing

February 7, 2010


Fade in … Myself, a guy same age as myself and a girl same age my self are walking on an unpaved walkway beside a canyon through which a river flowed. Soon I come up with the idea that it’d be nice to be able to cross the river, and mind you this isn’t a […]

Bees Think I am a Sandwich

January 25, 2010


Fade In I am traveling somewhere in the far eastern Asia, which isn’t that surprising given Top Gear did a hell of a job in one their episodes. I, however, am travelling through a local bus instead of my own transport. There are a bunch of people around, however, i have no recollection of their […]

Marine Reserves Training

January 10, 2010


Apparently my brain believes that I applied for joining the Marine Reserves at some point and this is high time in the summer of 2010 and my application has come through and they are starting their training program right away. Regarding the context of this dream, I have only watched on military training movie, and that was Full Metal Jacket. Soon I had to pack up and .....

Moron Town does Terrible driving

January 6, 2010


Fade In This dream starts with my walking outside in near snow storm conditions, with temperatures between -20~-25 degree Celsius below zero. In full disclaimer, about a decade back, when i was no older than 15~16 I had the amazing experience of getting lost on a Toronto’s suburb streets for 3 hours in extreme blizzard conditions, all the while […]

Mushroom War + Zinedine Zidane

January 4, 2010


This dream starts with me being a character in a mass multi-player game which seemed like a combination of a first person shooter and a role playing game. I think its important to sketch a brief map of the arena. The arena is 3D, so its just not a flat plane. It looks like a […]

A squash court in UK

December 31, 2009


This dream starts with me walking in a dimly lit hallway, with red carpet and the typical yellowish or beige  colored walls. The hallway could be no wider than a typical hallway of say 5 ft across and 8 ft high. Nothing unique as such. Soon came a woman in her late 40s, early 50s running from […]

From Pakistan to West Germany

December 28, 2009


The dream starts with me taking a flight over to Pakistan, I am sure this can be attributed to all the news coverage the middle aged bearded men have been getting lately. As the flight started, for some reason I was given a seat in the first class, it imperative that i declare the fact that I […]

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