Mushroom War + Zinedine Zidane

Posted on January 4th, 2010 at 5:25 am by


This dream starts with me being a character in a mass multi-player game which seemed like a combination of a first person shooter and a role playing game.

I think its important to sketch a brief map of the arena. The arena is 3D, so its just not a flat plane. It looks like a Mushroom with a giant sky and a thin base. However, the entire color of the environment was dusty golden, hence the Doom 3 reference. Similarly, there were a lot of Mushroom like giant trees, about 5~6 times the height of a normal person. On some locations the the muffin top part of as many as ten giant mushroom trees had fused into each other and some how there tunnels running through these connected mushroom tree top.

Usually, in all my dreams I am both the protagonist and the leader. However, what makes this special was that my brain did not install me as the leader of the squad/group; but just a commoner of the said group.

Keep in mind that my only weapon was a bamboo stick about six feet long, all the while the sky borne enemy was using all the modern weapons that my imagination could conceive. As the bullets and bombs were being bombarded from the top, I could see the walls of the said mushroom like structure collapsing around me. I had no option but to take refuge under a concrete structure supported by roman style columns, the mushroom like structures that spanned as far as the eye could see had also started crumbling under the intense fire that we were receiving.

All of a sudden I realize that I could hear Zinedine Zidane instructions being relayed on a loud speaker, offcourse, i have never heard the man speak and I only know of him through his famous head butt of some Italiano guy in the soccer world cup. That said his instructions were to take on the musharoom structures to be saved from the overhead on slough, and destroy them. Which off course made no sense, why would anyone destroy the very thing that was giving them shelter against the hell from sky. However, for some reason i started doing just as requested, soon i started seeing more & more of our ‘squad’ members doing just the same. As this continued, the aerial hell also mellowed out and sky went slowly quite, in fact very quite, and fairly dark at the same time as well.  As I contacted my squad members in the total darkness, we started worrying about the attacks again but this time on the ground as there were many noises that I couldn’t identify in our surrounding.

Some squad members started shooting in the pitch darkness, what appeared from my location as completely random, however, still there seemed to be some method to their madness. Keep in mind that these squad members were in distance, so around 400~500 meters each. I was becoming increasingly cautious of my own surroundings, I could not shoot anything as i still had the same bamboo stick as at the start of the dream, so i had to wait for something to come at me. Fortunately, that never happened.

I started walking through the very mushroom tunnels that we had been trying to destroy earlier, some how those tunnels become from cave like to high-tech james bondsque tunnels.  As I went past the tunnels, I was in Downtown swizerland (even if there even is such a thing) for some reason where I met the rest of the players, which told me that we were only fighting against a computer generated enemy and there was no other team. However, Zinedine Zidane had disappeared half way and thus the game could not be continued.

fade out ….

Thats all folks …  adios, till next time.